Friday, September 2, 2011

Early 1911

4 February 1911
  • Corner Camp is established by the depot laying party, 40 miles from Hut Point
The team later lay One Ton Depot at 79° 29' S, more than 30 miles north of its
original intended location

9 February 1911
  • Victor Campbell's Eastern party becomes the "Northern Party" and sets sail

17 February 1911
  • The Northern Party arrives at Robertson Bay and builds a hut close to the
Norwegian explorer, Carstens Borchgrevink’s old quarters, for the 1911 winter

2 March 1911
  • The Western Geological party starts for home taking a southerly route

14 March 1911
  • The Western Geological party arrives back at Hut Point
6 June 1911
  • A feast is arranged to mark Scott's 43rd birthday

21 June 1911
  • A second celebration to mark Midwinter Day, the Antarctic equivalent of Christmas, is held

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