Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"The Times said..."


The Terra Nova Long Overdue
—Eminent Scientists on Board.

LONDON. Aug. 11.—Considerable anxiety is felt for the British antarctic expedition’s ship, the Terra Nova, which is now eleven days overdue at Cape Town.

The vessel has not been spoken since she left Madeira on June 27.

Those on board the Terra Nova include a number of eminent officers and scientific men. These number 28, and the I crew, all picked men, number 27.

Capt. Robert F. Scott, commander of the expedition, which set out on June 1 from London in an attempt to reach the South Pole, is not yet aboard the Terra Nova. but sailed on July 16 to join the vessel in New Zealand.

The Terra Nova stopped at Cardiff to coal, and arrived on June 15 at Madeira. from which port she sailed twelve days later for Cape Town. She should have reached Cape Town not later than Aug. 1.

Aug 12, 1910
New York Times

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