Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Early 1911


Terra Nova arrives off Ross Island and scouts for possible landing sites - eventually proceeding to the "Skuary" about 15 miles north of Scott’s 1902
Discovery Expedition base. He renames it Cape Evans The shore parties disembark with the ponies, dogs, motorised sledges and the bulk of the party's supplies

18 January 1911

A prefabricated accommodation hut is made

26 January 1911

Griffith Taylor, Debenham, Wright and P.O. Evans land from Terra Nova at
Butter Point for a geological exploration of the west coast of McMurdo Sound

Depot laying on the Barrier for use on the polar journey begins

30 January 1911

The ‘Western Geological’ party establishes its main depot in the Ferrar Glacier
Region and conducts explorations and survey work in the Dry Valley, Taylor
Glacier and Koettlitz Glacier areas

26 January 1911

A party under Campbell heads east but fails to land on King Edward VII Land. Campbell sails north-west to Victoria Land instead. On its return, Terra Nova encounters Amundsen’s expedition camped in the Bay of Whales

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