Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Terra Nova Timeline 1910


15 June 1910

  • Terra Nova sets sail from Cardiff, Wales.
  • Scott joins the ship later in South Africa and stays on it until it reaches Melbourne, Australia
  • He leaves the ship again to continue fundraising, but not after he receives a telegram from Roald Amundsen to tell him that he too is “proceeding south”
  • Terra Nova proceeds to New Zealand

29 November 1910

  • Terra Nova leaves Port Chalmers, New Zealand. Scott is once again on board – Along with 34 dogs, 19 Siberian ponies and three motorized sledges. However, 2 ponies,1 dog, 1 sledge, coal and petrol are lost a few days later in a heavy storm

10 December 1910

  • Terra Nova meets the southern pack ice and is halted for 20 days before being able to continue south

(Painting above based on Edmund Wilson's sketches)

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